Scottish Council Tax Bands Calculator

Scottish Council Tax Bands Calculator

Select the region the property is in as well as the Band the property is to find out what you can expect to pay each year, month and how this compares to the national average.



NOTE - From April 2017, the way Council Tax on properties in Bands E, F, G and H is calculated is changing.  The tax for these properties will now be a higher percentage of the Band D rate than previously, addressing a fundamental conclusion of the Commission on Local Tax Reform that the original Council Tax system was not progressive. Please ensure you factor these changes into your budget.

The table below shows the proportion of the Band D rate each band will pay from April 2017.

Band Value of property in pounds (as at 1991) Council Tax as Percentage of Band D charge (before 1 April 2017) Council Tax as Percentage of Band D charge (from 1 April 2017)
A Up to 27,000 67% 67%
B 27,001 to 35,000 78% 78%
C 35,001 to 45,000 89% 89%
D 45,001 to 58,000 100% 100%
E 58,001 to 80,000 122% 131%
F 80,001 to 106,000 144% 163%
G 106,001 to 212,000 167% 196%
H 212,001 and over 200% 245%
More Information

Council Tax commitments are one of many that you will have to factor into your affordability when buying your first home.

The amount that households pay depends on their band (A to H) which is based on the value of the property in 1991.

Special provisions for single person households, disabled persons and students as well as some other groups exist, which may allow people in those groups a discount on their council tax.

You can use find more information out about Council Tax in Scotland at the Scottish Government website.