Preparing for Moving Day

Moving Day

Moving Companies

So the missives have been signed and the property is officially yours! Now to moving all of your precious items into your first place.

The first thing to consider is whether since this is your first property if you will need a moving company at all. How far is it from where you currently are? How much stuff do you have? Is there a lot of bulky furniture or will you be buying new items what Do you already have means of transporting your things or could you rent a van?

If you decide it will be worth employing a moving firm there are lots to choose from so make sure to phone around and get some quotes and ask if there are any discounts that are available to you. Also aim to move out with the busy periods such as Fridays, Weekend and Holiday periods to ensure the best rate at what is already an expensive time of your life.

We would recommend avoiding uninsured removals firms as if anything goes wrong or is damaged you will be liable for the costs.

Find a list of registers removals firms at the British Association of Removals.

It is likely you will be charged for the time of packing as well as the removals costs so the more packing you can get done in advance the more it could save you!

You should also consider moving smaller more valuable items yourself such as cash, passports, jewellery, important documents to reduce the chance of anything going missing.


Essentials for the Move

When packing up make sure to remove all valuables, mark clearly where each box should go in the new place and a separate box of things you will need to get you through your first day such as Tea, Coffee, Toilet Rolls, Whisky etc.