Details to Update when Moving House

Update Your Details

Driving Licence

Once you have moved house it is important that you inform the DVLA of your new address.  Failing to update your address may result in a £1000 fine, which is the last thing you need when you've got that mortgage to pay off!  You will also have to update your V5C vehicle registration certificate (Log Book) and inform your insurance company of your new address.



If you move to an area that the insurance company deems to be a higher risk than where you currently are you may need to pay a little more for your premium.  If you don't inform your insurance company of a change this may mean your insurance is not valid.



You can find your nearest Pharmacies, Doctors Surgery, Dentist and Hospital using the NHS 24 Local Service Website.

When you register at a new surgery they will ask for details of your previous surgery to get access to your records.


Electoral Roll

To be able to vote in any elections or referendums you need to be on the electoral roll for the area.

You can update your details on the electoral role at - Register to Vote